Convex surface material, like barstock and tubing can present unique challenges when ultrasonic Non Destructive Testing is required. Mitchell Laboratories has several solutions for inspection of these product forms.

For material 4” in diameter and less, a TacTic bar inspection system is often the tool of choice. It provides for full immersion ultrasonic NDI without requiring a tank greater in length than that of the material to be inspected. Roller racks feed the stock into and out of a compact, central tank. A multiple transducer, pneumatically controlled scanning head rides on the bar allowing simultaneous Longitudinal-Wave and Shear-Wave inspections.

For small diameter material that is cut to lengths too short for the TacTic, Mitchell Laboratories has several drop-in, bar rotating machines. Sized to also include larger diameter product, we have the ability to rotate and inspect material with a diameter of less than 0.20”.

For larger diameter material, Mitchell Laboratories has several dedicated automated horizontal rotational systems with capabilities of rotating material 20 plus feet in length, in excess of 40” in diameter and weighing up to 6000 pounds.