NDT by the ultrasonic method is an increasingly automated inspection method. Particularly suited for composite laminates and large rolled plate, Mitchell Laboratories has a 50’x 8’, fully automated C-Scan tank that is serviced by three independent bridges.

Two of the inspection bridges are 5-axis, full contour following scanning systems. With motion and angulations tightly controlled, they excel at following tight radii with accuracy and repeatability. A superior understanding of this equipment allows our technicians to build custom, part specific support fixtures, ensuring the best possible data-collection based inspection time after time. These bridges can even be programmed to self-teach and automatically inspect plate stock, freeing the inspector to concentrate on data evaluation.

The third bridge is a rectilinear model, capable of scan and index in any two-axis combination of the X-Y-Z automated configuration. It is well suited to Thru-Transmission inspection of smaller, relatively flat composite and bonded structures.

Mitchell Laboratories also has several smaller automated tank systems with the same 5-axis bridge design. Some include turntables up to 36” in diameter, increasing the number of product forms that can be inspected automatically. Several systems are configured to be compatible with the two Omni iX phased array units capable of collecting, displaying and storing B-Scan, C-Scan and S-Scan (sectorial) data.

All of these systems produce highly accurate C-Scans that can be delivered to the customer in print form or common, Windows based digital formats.