For Ultrasonic Non Destructive Testing of thin-wall, finished machined parts, contact inspection is often required. Many of the parts are flight critical components and require ultrasonic NDI in multiple wave modes. Mitchell Laboratories maintains a finished machined parts inspection area, dedicated to this type of inspection.

As a single part may require 5 or more different inspections, the technicians that perform this work have extensive training and experience. These inspections, as in all NDT methods, require conscientious and thorough individuals. These technicians must also not only possess a high level of technical skill but an understanding of the way different ultrasonic wave forms interact with the material being tested.  

While the procedures and detailed inspection techniques, most requiring prime approval, are developed by certified ultrasonic level IIIs, the level II technicians performing the inspections are an integral part of the process. They provide the practical know-how that ensures that the technique can be implemented in a precise and repeatable manner. 

As with all areas of ultrasonic inspection at Mitchell Labs, the technicians have at their disposal all the transducers and reference standards required to perform these critical inspections. A variety of program and part specific standards and angle-beam wedges are also maintained.