Eddy Current

Electromagnetic testing (ET) or Eddy current as some know it, is one of the oldest Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) methods still used today. We at Mitchell Laboratories take advantages of eddy current inspection as a very useful NDI tool in a variety of inspections and measurements that can be performed. One of the advantages is the minimum part preparation requirement before the inspection, as in other NDT methods paint does not need to be removed to perform Eddy Current inspection, this saves time and money. In the proper circumstances, we at Mitchell Laboratories can use eddy current as one of our Non-Destructive Inspection methods for:

  • Crack detection
  • Non-Conductive Coating thickness
  • measurements on conductive materials.
  • Conductivity measurements for:
    • Material identification
    • Heat damage detection
    • Heat treatment monitoring
  • The sensitivity to detect small cracks and other defects both surface and near surface
  • The detection of small cracks and other defects in bolt holes, using a semiautomatic scanner
  • The ability to give immediate results
  • Field work as our equipment is very light weight and portable
  • The Inspection of complex shapes and sizes of conductive materials
  • The ability to save and store the data collected

It is imperative that personnel responsible for Eddy Current testing are trained and qualified with not just a technical understanding of the equipment and materials, but know the test objects, and test procedures. Mitchell Laboratories has trained and certified personnel performing Eddy Current inspections with the highest quality in mind.