Ultrasonic NDI of composite and bonded structures often requires computer based inspection that collects data to be presented and evaluated as a C-Scan. For parts that due to size, composition, configuration or specification requirements cannot be submersed, Mitchell Laboratories has an 11-axis gantry system. While primarily used for Thru-Transmission inspection, it can also be used in Pulse-Echo mode or both simultaneously.

This system, utilizing opposing, fully articulating “squirter” heads, can be
programmed to inspect large, complex 3-D contoured parts including monolithic laminates, honeycomb core panels and bonded structures. Scan-and-Index motion and angulations are held to tight tolerances, providing the accuracy required for the most demanding aerospace applications.

With a scan envelope of over 30’ in length and 8’ in height, even large parts can often be programmed and inspected in a single scan profile. When part size or contour precludes single scan inspection, inspectors with technical expertise and support fixture know-how can produce a mosaic of several scans that ensure complete part coverage.

Specification requirements or customer needs dictate how the data is presented. As with all of our C-Scan systems, the data collected can be viewed and evaluated in color, grayscale or a combination. The data can be conveyed in printed form or Windows based digital formats.