Penetrant inspection

Penetrant inspection is one of the most reliable and cost efficient non-destructive testing methods(NDT) for detecting surface flaws in non porous metals, Such as castings, forgings, welds and fasteners. At Mitchell laboratories we work with two types of penetrant inspections (type1) and (type2).

Type1 is fluorescent penetrant which is performed with a black light in a darkened inspection booth. First penetrant is applied to parts by dipping, spraying or brushing. After suitable penetration time has been allowed excess penetrant is removed and a developer is applied to aid and draw out penetrant out of surface flaws. Therefore making defects visible under black light.

Type(2) penetrant inspection is non-fluorescent  visible, the process is performed by applying visible die penetrant  under white light and allowing adequate penetration time. The developer is then applied to help draw penetrant out of surface flaws and making them visual under white light.

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